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    Nhân sự kiện iphone 5 trình làng hôm nay, post thử vài hình ảnh minh họa:
    We all want to know how the next generation iPhone would look like, when we say next generation iPhone it can mean the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, as Apple is expected to announce two different iPhones this October.
    As you would expect the artist have been at hard working depicting how the iPhone 5 would look like.
    More information has come up regarding what is being expected as the cheaper version of the iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4S.
    iPhone 5 is expected to have a larger screen than the current iPhone 4, most probably a 4 inch wider screen indicated by many iPhone 5 cases that have been leaked.
    One of the many things that seem to be definitely included in the iPhone 5 is an 8mp camera and an A5 processor, the same one being used in the iPad 2.
    If the next generation iPhone gets the A5 processor, than it would be as much as four times faster than the iPhone 4.
    As you are most probably aware that iOS 5 is going to be released soon and the iPhone 5 is going to has the latest firmware from Apple, so expect iOS 5 with it.
    The only thing to do now is wait until Apple officially announces the iPhone 5/4S which is expected to be on 4 October and be released in the second week of October.​

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