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    T959 unlock instructions
    1. Power on the phone and go to Applications->Settings->Applications->USB
    2. Select Mass Storage
    3. Connect the phone to USB cable
    4. Swipe down the top notification bar then tap “USB Connected” then select
    5. Copy update.zip file to phone mass storage root
    6. Power off the phone
    7. Press Volume Up+Volume Down+Power on key to start the phone into
    recovery mode
    8. Go to “reinstall packages” using volume keys then select it using home key
    9. Power on the phone then go to Andoid Market and install Terminal
    10. Run Terminal Emulator
    11. Type cat /efs/nv_data.bin >> /sdcard/nv_data.bin into terminal then type
    12. Connect the phone to PC in USB Storage Mode then copy nv_data.bin file
    to your pc
    13. Open nv_data.bin file with any hex editor (ex. Hex workshop) then go to
    address 00181460
    14. There are the codes
    15. Power on the phone with any unaccepted sim card inside then type in the
    first code to unlock the phone



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