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    UC Browser 7.8 for Blackberry Released

    After the presence on nearly every major platform, UC Browser now released the official version for Blackberry to take the last piece of the cake. Opera Mini has the reason to be afraid of this release, because the newly release marked that UC Browser has invaded all its battle fields.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You could download this version at wap.ucweb.com directly from your handset.

    By a test on UC Browser for BB, I found that it succeed all the good features from the traditional UC Browser version, such as the fast speed, traffic saving, powerful downloading function, and all the user experience oriented features. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

    Fast speed is always the label of UC Browser
    I have tested the T1 & T3 for both Opera Mini & UC Browser on Yahoo & New York Times, UC Browser has an obvious advantage over Opera Mini from the following table, about 2 seconds lead is showed.

    Save your 85% of the traffic charge by the cutting edge compression technology
    From the following test chart you could find that UC Browser save more than 30% of the traffic than Opera Mini, which means you could save about 30% of your spend on the tariff to your operators.

    Start Page Site Navigation, to access to your favorite site with one click, no need to input URL
    Considering the small keyboard and inconvenience of the handset input, UC Browser has provided the site navigation, which put most popular site in the start page, in order to make users can save the input to get access to their favorite sites.

    Powerful download manager supporting download large file & multiple task & pause/resume
    A lot of users in the developing countries may find that it is really hard to download large file due to the limited of the operators. However, with UC Browser, I am happy to tell you that you need no longer about the large file, because UC Browser supports the multi-tread download to get over the limit from operators. Moreover, the pause/resume function can make you don’t lose the downloading when the network is not good.

    A lot of User Experience Oriented Features
    UC Browser for BB supports “remember current page” & “clear all browser history” operation, close tab with right bottom, open the “menu” operation while loading page, to make more smooth operation in low level handset.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Also, UC Browser for BB supports to change the theme to make your browser more personalized.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download right now at <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>


    Or you can download by your OS. (Remember to select the right os version,you can get OS information through "Option" ->"about" on your phone)

    If your phone is touch screen, use the OS4.7 Version.
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>


    If your phone OS version is higher than 4.5(including 4.5) and not touch screen , select OS4.5 Version
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>


    If your phone OS version is lower than 4.5 and not touch screen , select OS4.2 Version .
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>



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