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    Dear Users,

    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>

      and S-Card v3.12 are out!

    With this update we introduce new groundbreaking feature - remote unlock for Alcatel, Motorola and Vodafone phones! You don't need to connect the phone to PC anymore to unlock it! Added support for 240+ models.

    Release Note:

    Added unlock code calculator (via IMEI and PID / Security File) for the following MTK-based models:

    • Alcatel:
      • Crystal (KR01)
      • ELLE GlamPhone No.3
      • ELLE GlamPhone No.5
      • Mandarina Duck (MD01)
      • Mandarina Duck (MD02)
      • Miss Sixty (MS01)
      • Miss Sixty (MS02)
      • OT-090, OT-103, OT-104, OT-105, OT-106, OT-108, OT-109
      • OT-112, OT-113, OT-117, OT-132
      • OT-140, OT-150, OT-1801
      • OT-203, OT-203E, OT-204, OT-205, OT-206, OT-208, OT-209, OT-217, OT-213
      • OT-214, OT-214W, OT-216, OT-217, OT-217D, OT-222, OT-223, OT-228, OT-228D
      • OT-232, OT-233, OT-250, OT-252, OT-255, OT-255D, OT-262, OT-268
      • OT-280, OT-282, OT-292, OT-296, OT-297
      • OT-300, OT-301, OT-303, OT-304, OT-305, OT-306, OT-308
      • OT-310, OT-311, OT-312, OT-315, OT-317, OT-317D, OT-318, OT-318D
      • OT-319, OT-322, OT-352, OT-355, OT-355D, OT-356
      • OT-358, OT-358D, OT-360, OT-361, OT-362, OT-363
      • OT-380, OT-383, OT-385, OT-385D, OT-385J, OT-390
      • OT-455, OT-505, OT-505K, OT-506, OT-506D
      • OT-508, OT-5185, OT-540, OT-543, OT-565, OT-565K, OT-585
      • OT-585D, OT-585F, OT-595, OT-595D, OT-600
      • OT-602, OT-602D, OT-605, OT-605D, OT-606, OT-650, OT-660
      • OT-665, OT-668, OT-706, OT-708, OT-710, OT-710D, OT-710K
      • OT-7110, OT-720, OT-720D, OT-799
      • OT-800, OT-802, OT-802Y, OT-803, OT-803D, OT-803F, OT-806, OT-806D
      • OT-807, OT-807D, OT-808, OT-808G, OT-808M, OT-809
      • OT-810, OT-8107, OT-810D, OT-810F, OT-813, OT-813D, OT-813F
      • OT-818, OT-818D, OT-819, OT-819D, OT-828, OT-838
      • OT-880, OT-888, OT-888D, OT-900
      • OT-901, OT-905, OT-907, OT-980, OT-C700, OT-C701, OT-C707
      • OT-C710, OT-C710D, OT-C717, OT-C818, OT-C819
      • OT-C819D, OT-C820, OT-C825, OT-DS1, OT-F0Z9
      • OT-F101, OT-F115, OT-F117, OT-F121, OT-F122, OT-F123
      • OT-F152 , OT-F153, OT-F262, OT-F330, OT-F331, OT-F344
      • OT-PB01 , OT-S122, OT-S215, OT-S218, OT-S319, OT-S320
      • OT-S321, OT-S520, OT-S521, OT-S621, OT-S626, OT-SFR1150
      • OT-TES,Megafon TP-DS1,Orange Amsterdam (AM01)
    • Motorola:
      • WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181
      • WX260, WX265, WX280, WX288
      • WX290, WX295, WX298
      • WX390, WX395, WX665
    • Vodafone:
      • 155
      • 331, 345, 350, 354, 355
      • 555, 570
      • 607, 670, 770
    • TCL:
      • TCL I606, TCL I650, TCL I780
      • TCL I802, TCL I808, TCL I818, TCL I880
      • TCL I888, TCL I898, TCL I900, TCL I905
      • TCL Q3, TCL Q5
      • TCL T208, TCL T218, TCL T255, TCL T268, TCL T355, TCL T66
    • No internet connection required to run the product
    • Introduced all the most popular on the market models
    • Up to date and the most relevant list of supported Provider IDs
    • Unlimited amount of calculated unlock codes
    Read the <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>

      on how to use the Calculator before you start the procedure.

    Best Regards
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>



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