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    ChangeLog for KingCobra Build 7:
    1.Fixed camera issues.
    2.Fixed SD Data loss issues.
    3.Fixed Framework issues .
    4.Fixed Aroma issues.
    5.Fixed SD Card Not mounting on first boot.
    6.Fixed Backlight issues.
    7.Adeed Performance tweaks.
    8.Added OTA Updater.
    9.Update some fonts.
    10.Rosie now arranges it self no more arraging widgets after first boot.
    11.Update All the apps.
    12.Update super su binairies.
    13.Added Blue rosie theme It will be full blue when you flash Sky Theme From Second Post.
    14.Added More Space in rosie on home screen <Folder size is small will fix it next week>
    15.Updated Kernel To new lexmazter 0.7.8
    16.Fixed Front camera issues.
    17.New BootAnimation .
    18.Opened VPN support .
    19.Added wifi tweaks To optimize receving data.
    20.Fixed HTC car.
    21.Fixed Titanium back up not restoring apps<Thanks to SalimKeady>
    22.Updated resources.
    23.Updated Sont XlouD/Bravia engine.
    24.Added arabic keyboard.
    25.Fixed Friend stream locations for some users.
    26.Fixed delete apps option in aroma .
    27.Fixed wipe status of rom.
    28.There is more i know it !! AHH I forgot.......   
    ChangeLog for KingCobra Build 6:
    1.Updated super su.
    2.Changed Base of the rom to a full one sv <1.17.501.5 ruuThanks to jmz softwares>
    3.Full sense 4.1 interface.
    4.Add as many home screens as you want .
    5.Unlock animations.
    6.Updated Dialer to sense 4.1 dialer.<Thnaks mike1986>
    7.Full jelly bean keabord with arrows.
    8.Landscape rosie .
    9.Turbo fast.
    10.Edited ramscript.
    11.Removed unassacairy bloat ware for one sv stock.
    12.New APM Thanks to nitsuj17.
    13.Droid boot animation.
    14.Added quick quick settings.
    15.Added ea gamebox.
    16.Added some more init.d Tweaks.
    17.Updated Sony Xloud.
    18.Readded Su Binairies.   
     ChangeLog for KingCobra Build 5 :
    1.Fixed youtube.
    2.Fixed google play.
    3.Fixed locations.
    4.Fixed Htc car.
    5.Added init.d tweaks.
    6.Added build.prop tweaks.
    7.Aroma installer.
    8.Added missing pepole widget.
    9.Changed rom base.
    10.Edited system ui for a more sexy clear button.
    11.Fixed weather.
    12.Added delete app option in aroma.
    13.Bttery drain resolved.
    14.Google play fixed.
    15.Most Stable version.
    16.Readded APM.
    17.Touch aroma.
    18.No more locations force close.
    19.Removed bloatware .
    20.Updated Binary for super su.
    21.Edited ramscript to work with new build.
    ChangeLog for KingCobra Build 4 <OTA> second post: 
    1.Jelly Bean keyboard .
    3.Sense 4 recent apps.
    4.Updated Open sense sdk.
    5.Ported some stuff from one sv <Thanks mike ho gave me stuff fromit >
    6.And many more .....  
    Change log for kingcobra build 3:
    1.3D sense tabs.
    2.Added sqvacum.
    3.Added lots of build.prop tweaks.
    4.Added new multitasing tweaks .
    5.Lock ring updated.
    6.Lex new kernel.
    7.Added needed apps.
    8.Performance stuff that should stay a secret.
    Changelog for kingcobra build 2:
    1.Removed GPU rendering added full Qualcomm MSM8255 rendering 
    2.Improoved dalvick.
    3.Sony x loud thanks to team venom 
    4.Kernel debugging enabeled 
    6.Super smooth.
    7.Improved multitasking.
    8.Improoved touch responsability.
    9.Music is louder.
    10.Added something called BTZ For 3D like games.
    11.Took some nvdia tweaks and added them .
    12.No lags anymore.
    13.Ausome battery.
    14.Enabled debuging on reboot so Boot is so fast.
    15.Twitter is fixed. 
    16.Forgot many things.
    Change log for ss_kingcobra build 1 :
    1.JB camera+music+gallery.
    2.New JB animations + Transitions {so cool}.
    3.New JB skins resised by me {lock ring did not come out to perfect}.
    4.3D Sense tabs .
    5.APM fully working .
    6.Made sense more smooth.
    7.Added some widgets i remember  gmail widget  imported from JB .
    8.New browser JB standard WEB kit 534.30
    9.Bluetooth tweaks.
    10.Fixed battery drain problem after 3 hours of testing :victory: i am 100% shure that this rom has best battery life  .
    11.A new All in V8 supercharge by ME {phone is 100 % faster}.
    12.Connect to pc tweaks.
    13.Signal tweaks.
    14.Music tweaks{sound is 70% more powerful}.
    15.Gaming tweaks.
    16.Dialer is working 100% no more mutes Front and Back speaker tested on 10 phones .
    17.And many more mind blowing features.
    Download SS_KINGCOBRA BUILD 7:

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