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    Welcome to the open beta of our newest root application - Undelete for Android, an application for root users that allows you to recover any type of deleted file from your SD card or internal storage. This is the first application of its kind on Android.
    WARNING: DATA RECOVERY IS NOT GUARANTEED. Sometimes even recently deleted files can be corrupted beyond repair as the operating system writes to memory.


    - Fast scanning logic
    - Restore any file that has not been written over
    - Securely wipe/shred files
    - Works with images, video, music, archives and binaries

    Currently, only FAT is supported. On Tegra 2 devices, only the external SD is supported. We may write a special version supporting EXT4 if this app is successful.

    Some files that are discovered after a scan may fail to recover as data may be corrupted.

    Be warned: this is an early Beta build, provided "as is" with no support of any kind.

    We take no responsibility for any issues that may arise from using the app. In some rare cases attempting to restore files may corrupt the memory entirely (though we have not seen this problem, it is theoretically possible).

    That said it has been in development for a while and well tested on the devices we have at the office - Incredible S, Nexus S, Xoom, Transformer, Sensation, Galaxy S I/II, Galaxy Ace, Desire.

    INTERNET and READ DATA permissions are needed for the logging system. Logs are only sent manually with your permission through the "Write to us" dialog.

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