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    Alcatel BH4 Unlocker for 535 and 735
    Alcatel BE5, BF3, BF4, BG3, BF5 Tool by Heinrich 4.3
    Bosch Unlocker by Electroboy
    Mitsubishi Workshop for: Aria, Astral, Cosmo, Geo, Mars
    Motorola C200 Service (fixed bug from 1.05)
    Motorola E365 Nck Reader Motorola E365 Unlocker Samsung Tools ****** 2.0 Samsung UST Samsung V2xx and S1xx Sony Log reader Additionally in \"Nokia Section\" - CRUX calculator for remonte unlock: Alcatel: Hx1 LG: 1200, 1300, 510, 520, 510W, 7010, 7020, B1200, B1300, G510, M1200, M1300, W3000 NEC (temporary unlock): C313, C316, E606, E613, E616, E808 Nokia DCT2, DCT3, DCT4 Samsung: A300, A400, A800, E500, E700, E715, M100, P400, S100, S105, S300, S307, S500, SGH600, SGH2100, V200, X100, X600 Siemens: 808, CL50, CL55, ST55 Sony: CMD-C1, CMD-C5 Panasonic: GD50, GD50, GD5 Alcatel Service Software Mitsubishi All Trium Unlocker Mitsubishi TTool Motorola C200 Unlocker Motorola E365 Tool HackGSM edition Motorola T19x Service Software by HackGSM v3.01b Philips Toolz Deluxe v2.53 by Sanchez Samsung C100 Unlocker Samsung C100 Unlocker by ****** Samsung Tools X100 E710 S500 Samsung S500 Tool Samsung Unlocker 1.0.2 by ****** Siemens C62 Unlocker - DECRYPTER Siemens C62 Unlocker - LOGGER Siemens Freia version 10 - Supports: C30, S40, C35, C35 New, M35, M35 new, S35, S35 New,A35, A36, A40, A50, A52, A55, A60, 1168, C45, 2118, C55, 2128, C60, S45, S55, ME45, M55, MC60, SL42, SL45, SL55, 6688, MT50, M50, 3318 Siemens Bootcore Patch NO TESTPOINT NEEDED Siemens M55 Unlocker Siemens MC60 Unlocker Siemens ST55 CL50 Code Siemens Testpoint Location Siemens X55 Contrast Setting Toshiba Unlocker Ts21i

    No.Type of the cableSupported modelsOperation1.Alcatel DBBE1: Easy/Max/Club/Gum
    BE3: all models
    BE4: all models
    BE5: all models
    UNLOCK/FLASH2.Alcatel 320 XG1320UNLOCK/FLASH3.Alcatel OT-311310 311UNLOCK/FLASH4.Alcatel OT-511511 512UNLOCK/FLASH5.Alcatel OT-525525UNLOCK/FLASH6.Alcatel BH4-535535 735UNLOCK/FLASH7.Alcatel OT-715715UNLOCK/FLASH8.Alcatel OT-835835UNLOCK/FLASH9.Ericsson T2xR250 R310s R320 A2618s A2628s T20 T20s(e) T29 T20 WorldUNLOCK/FLASH10.LG 510LG 510UNLOCK11.LG B1200LG B1200UNLOCK12.Maxon EpsilonMaxon EpsilonUNLOCK13.Mitsubishi M320 FLASHMitsubishi MT560 (M320)AND Alcatel 531FLASH14.Mitsubishi M320 UNLOCKMitsubishi MT560 (M320)AND Alcatel 531UNLOCK15.Mitsubishi Aria UNLMitsubishi Aria / Aria WAPFLASH16.Mitsubishi Aria FLMitsubishi Aria / Aria WAPUNLOCK17.Mitsubishi Astral FlashMitsubishi Trium Geo Galaxy AstralFLASH18.Mitsubishi Astral UNLMitsubishi Trium Geo Galaxy AstralUNLOCK19.Mitsubishi Mars FlashMars Neptune EclipseFLASH20.Mitsubishi Mars UNLMars/Neptune/EclipseUNLOCK21.Motorola E365E360 E365UNLOCK/FLASH22.Motorola T191Motorola T190 T191 C200 C201 C205 C300UNLOCK/FLASH23.Motorola T205T205 T2688UNLOCK/FLASH24.Motorola V60V60 V66UNLOCK/FLASH25.NEC N2xiNEC N21i N223i N22iUNLOCK/FLASH26.Nokia 32103210UNLOCK/FLASH27.Nokia 33103310 3330 3410 5510UNLOCK/FLASH28.Nokia 51105110 5120 5130 5190 5210
    6110 6130 6150 6150e 6190 6210 6250 7110UNLOCK/FLASH29.Nokia 82102100 3610 5510 8210 8250 8810 8850 8890UNLOCK/FLASH30.Nokia 91109110 9210UNLOCK/FLASH31.Panasonic G60Panasonic G60UNLOCK/FLASH32.Panasonic GD35Panasonic GD35UNLOCK/FLASH33.Panasonic GD55Panasonic GD55FLASH34.Panasonic GD90Panasonic GD30 GD50 GD70 GD90UNLOCK/FLASH35.Panasonic GD92Panasonic GD52 53 92 93 67 68 87 88 GU87 GU88 GD87eUNLOCK/FLASH36.Panasonic X70Panasonic X70UNLOCK/FLASH37.Philips 530530UNLOCK/FLASH38.Philips 630630UNLOCK/FLASH39.Philips FisioFisio 120 121 311 620 625 820 822 825UNLOCK/FLASH40.Philips SavvyTCD128 (S4,B4,H4)/TCD138 (SM,BC)/TCD168 (HT)/TCD169 (CT) and all other Savvy versions (for example 188)
    Azalis TCD238 / Xenium TCD 998 / OZEO / OZEO WAPUNLOCK/FLASH41.Sagem 9xx912 922 929 932 939 1126 3026UNLOCK42.Samsung SGH-600SGH-600 800 2100 2200 2400UNLOCK43.Samsung R2xx A300 A400 UNLOCKC100 R200 R208 R210 R220 R225 A200 A288 A300 A388 A400 A488 Q100 A800 Q105 Q108 Q200 Q205 Q208 Q300 Q308 N100 N105 N188 N200 N288 N300 N400 N500 N600 N620 N625 N628 T100 T108 T200 T208 T300 T400 T408 T410 T500 T508 T700 V100 V200 V205 V208UNLOCK44.Samsung A300 A400 FLASHA300 A388 A400 A488FLASH45.Samsung R200 FLASHA200 A288 R200 R210 R220 R2xxFLASH46.Samsung A100 A110 UNLOCKA100 A110/A188UNLOCK47.Samsung D500D500 D500e UNLOCK/FLASH48.Samsung E700X100 S500 E700 X600 E100 UNLOCK/FLASH49.Samsung S100 S108 UNLOCK S100 S108UNLOCK50.Sendo P200S200 P200UNLOCK/FLASH (flash software is not free)51.Sharp GX10Sharp GX10 GX10i GX11 GX12 GX13 GX20UNLOCK/FLASH52.Sharp GX20Sharp GX20UNLOCK/FLASH53.Sharp GX30Sharp GX30 GX30i TM100 GX-30 TM-100UNLOCK/FLASH54.Siemens C62Siemens C62UNLOCK/FLASH55.Siemens x35Siemens C25 C28 S25 S35i C35i M35i A35 A36 SL45 x45 series/M50/MT50/A50UNLOCK/FLASH56.Siemens x55Siemens 218 A52 A55 A56 A60 C55 C56 C60 C62 C65 CF62 CT56 M55 MC60 MT55 S55 S56 S57 S65 SL5C SL55 SL56UNLOCK/FLASH57.Siemens ST55Siemens ST55 ST60UNLOCK/FLASH58.Sony J5Sony CMD-J5 J6 J7 J70UNLOCK/FLASH59.Toshiba TS21TS21 TS21UNLOCK/FLASH60.VK207iVK207iUNLOCK


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