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    Sync iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WebOS Phones Using One Common Software

    All of us have our own choice and preferences. So, if we talk about even a small group, we can find a large variety of electronic gadgets. Similar is the case with our mobile phones. Many a times I feel too difficult to sync all the phones with my system. This makes very difficult to transfer the files and folders. And it is very difficult to install a software every time for the synchronization of a new device. Facing all these problems, I need a common solution to all of them. And while surfing, I found Double Twist to be the best possible solution I could manage free of cost.
    Double Twist is a small freeware to sync all the devices with a wide range of facilities in just a small pack just amazed me. The utility will help you to synchronize the music, photos, videos and the subscriptions for your Android, Iphone, blackberry, Web OS and many others. The application is very user friendly. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below.
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    As shown, there are few other paid applications available to make the utility more beneficial. You can select the items available in the column at the left. This is one of the best application for android users as you can access the Android Market with the utility. The Music Store will take you to the Amazon MP3. Also the Podcast Search in available. You must be eager to avail all these facilities in just one application.

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    Then all the music, photos and videos present in your system will be synced by the freeware automatically as shown in the snapshot above. It also acts as the player and viewer for all the files. It can be used to upload the files to flickr and youtube. There is just a little problem that it takes a lot of time in installation so that all the settings all installed. Also, when you are using it for the first time, your system might work a bit slower due to the synchronization of all the files.

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    The snapshot above displays how to synchronize your device. You have to simply select your device and click on Sync at the right bottom corner. Your device will be synchronized in few minutes. Then you can easily access all the files like photos etc. Similarly, you can synchronize other devices that to at the same time.
    Other then these there is the option for Playlist Setup. You can either import from the iTunes or window Media Player. Also, you can Create a new playlist. I think the list of applications provide by the utility makes it very useful ad beneficial.
    The freeware has been tested on windows 7 and it also compatible with the other versions also. It has been designed to work with Mac also.
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