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    Thanks to excellent feedback for users, We have managed to improve the free
    Lumia unlock in NSS. This Beta is to address two common problems:

    1. Underpowered computers are unable to read tiny 150 MB partition, error
    is on reading FAT16, actual Windows error - insufficient resources
    Looking for NAND disk...Done.Trying to parse partition tables...Done.----------------------------------------------------FAT16 absolute address:    0x001F4200FAT16 partition size:      0x0927C000----------------------------------------------------Reading FAT16 raw...Error!
    2. Some phones have mismatched baseband/ROM or just old version of the
    NCS application (that is the Nokia OEM service that provide diagnostic functions) and are unable
    to perform auto restart to OSBL mode
    Looking for phone...Done.IMEI:     359300045092732Changing phone mode...Done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Looking for NAND disk...Not found.Things to check:1. Is the phone connected?(Plug to the USB)2. Is it in the correct mode?(Try to switch to OSBL mode)3. Have you installed the Qcom loader ?(Use the Install button)
    So if you experience first problem, go to Simlocks->Settings and check:
    'Lumia unlock - alternative search for old pc'

    If you experience the second problem, check 'Lumia unlock - use manual restart to OSBL mode'

    Thanks everyone who provided feedback and users who did some debugging
    and beta testing.

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