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    The Micromax Phone Suite is a useful application for your Micromax mobile phone because it can help you manage your phone easily and automatically. An important specification would be to choose your exact phone brand before downloading and using your suite because any other Micromax phone type will not work. The suite has the following features:
    1. PhoneBook: With this option you can manage and edit your phone contacts from your PC.
    2. Message: You can compose and send text messages directly from the PC through your phone connection.
    3. Settings: This area helps you setup your phone connection with the suite correctly and automatically and also import your outlook and lotus notes phonebooks.
    4. Images: You can create wallpapers for your phone and transfer images from the PC.
    5. Melody: This option allows you to manage your audio files. Listen and create your favourite music for your mobile phone.
    6. MMS: In this section you can create and send multimedia messages from your PC.
    7. File Manager: Manage your phone files from the PC. This tool is a useful one if you want to keep your Micromax phone firmware and files updated.

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