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    Changes in iPhone PC Suite

    • New Features:

    - Added support for unjailbroken devices in iPod (iOS4.2.1 temporarily not supported).
    - Added book path setting option in Download Settings to allow you to decide where to store the downloaded books.
    - Added support for thumbnail preview on iOS4.2.1 devices in Pictures.
    - Added support for adding music to the playlist by mouse drag in iPod.
    - Added access of Official Blog, Feedback and White-apple Report on the Start page.
    - Modified the ScreenSnap feature by adding Copy to Clipboard, Save to Local and other features.

    • Feature Improvements:

    - Optimized the installation of IPA apps by using the installation interface of iTunes.
    - Optimized wallpaper resources and added option for filtering iPad and iPhone 4 resources.
    - Optimized theme resources and added option for filtering iPad and iPhone 4 resources.
    - Optimized Books by providing the same supported book formats as Panda Reader.
    - Optimized support for iPad version Panda Reader in Books.
    - Optimized Contacts to make it more convenient to manage your contacts.
    - Optimized the deletion of events in Calendar to provide more stable support for large data.
    - Optimized Fix Startup by adding support for fixing system files and restoring their permissions to the original ones.
    - Optimized Backup & Restore feature to provide better support for iOS4 devices.

    • Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed the bug that when PC Suite has been run, One-key Install feature may lose effect.
    - Fixed the bug that ringtone setting may be invalid while configuring contacts.
    - Fixed the bug that in Contacts, PC Suite may crash when you click “Search” to search contacts which have been added to favorites.
    - Fixed the bug in Contacts, PC Suite may crash when you enter more than 20 characters in a contact’s telephone number column.
    - Fixed the bug that during One-key Transfer, the interface may get stuck while transferring alarm clocks.
    - Fixed the bug that the enabled themes may not take effect on some devices.
    - Fixed the bug that in iPod, PC Suite may crash when there is no a default player for local music play.
    - Fixed the interface disorder caused by a too long phone name.
    - Fixed the bug that in Files, if you click to skip a file while uploading multiple large files, the action may not take effect.
    - Fixed other bugs.


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