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    - Download file PATCH "930SCHL4_unlock_and_media.zip" FTP manufacturer or
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>

      (members only)
    - Required 730SC cable RJ45 + USB
    - Use program Samsung Qualcomm Tool version 5.6.42 or higher
    - Battery 100% charged

    STEP 1 (How to put the phone in DOWNLOAD)

    1 - Phone with battery and connected off WITHOUT CABLE
    2 - Switch phone to flash mode:
    Volume key down + camera button + power on
    3 - It will be shown on the phone display the following information:
    2:00 DOWNLOAD
    4 - If it asks for the drivers phone, just look for the drivers in the following folder C: \ Program Files \ Z3X \ Samsung \ Qualcomm \ Samsung Drivers

    STEP 2 (How to unlock the phone)

    1 - Open the Samsung Qualcomm Tool 5.6.42 or higher
    2 - Choose Model 930SC
    3 - Double click on the field FIRMWARE and select the file "930SCHL4_unlock_and_media.crp"
    4 - The Information (type, version and type) of the file will be displayed by the program.
    5 - Click on the UPDATE FIRMWARE


    6 - This will display a confirmation window, just click YES

    7 - Wait for the flash finish
    8 - After the message "Done Flashing" wait for the phone restart, remove the cable and test the release.


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