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    Chưa có máy để test, anh em down về làm theo hướng dẫn thử nhé:

    1. Start the Unlocker (wait vor programmstart of MML Multiloader)

    2. Connect your Blackberry to Datacable and wait for driver installing.

    3. Click the *quot;PHONE INFO*quot; button.

    4. Blackberry Unlocker show you now if SFI files for Restore are aviable or not.

    If no SFI file aviable, Reflashing after unlock its needed.

    5. Now Click the *quot;RESTART*quot; button (you must click the restart button after every new move (read info, unlock)

    6. DisConnect and ReConnect your Blackberry and wait for connection.

    7. Now click the *quot;UNLOCK*quot; button, after some time a massage box comes up and tells you that the unlock

    has worked! Click OK or ENTER to start the Restore Process.

    8. Wait till the Processbar show a red text with *quot;DONE!*quot;

    Your Blackberry is now unlocked and Finsihed!

    9. Disconnect and test


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