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    Whether or not you jailbreak your iOS device, you must have come across IPSW files atleast once during the lifetime of your iOS product. You might have used it to restore iPhone to factory settings or to jailbreak the iOS software. Today, I present to you a very handy tool designed by Vitaly Parovishnik – the ipswDownloader.
    You no more need to look for direct download links on the internet for Apple iOS Firmware or search your computer to check where iTunes store that IPSW download.
    This free tool is available for Windows and Mac users. Apart from the ability to download firmware files, it will also show you if the said firmware version can be jailbroken or unlocked along with suggestions for jailbreak tools you can use.
    By design the app is very intuitive. There are just two options to select. The left dropdown menu lets you choose your iOS device while the one on the right is used to select firmware version.


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