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    All of iPhone 5 lovers are still waiting for its launch which is expected in the first or second week of September, but ZAGG have posted a video on YouTube of a guy unboxing iPhone 5. Although dimension wise it looks almost same like the real iPhone 5 but we don’t think that its a real one because it doesn’t have iPhone 5 logo at its back like the other iPhone models. At this point also keep in mind about the launch of the copy of iPhone 5 in China by the name of HiPhone 5. Let’s have a look at the images and video of the unboxing of iPhone 5.

    It seems that ZAGG used this video of so called iPhone 5 just to get attention. We are not certain about iPhone 5 but they really get succeeded in getting popularity. What do you think about iPhone shown in the images and video? Do you think it’s real one? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

    We will keep an eye on iPhone 5 and will publish all the latest news as soon as they release so keep visiting CydiaHelp for latest news about iPhone 5.


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