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    Daniusoft iPhone Transfer provides you an extremely easy way to transfer videos and songs between iPhone and computer, and transfer iPhone video/audio back to iTunes. This iPhone Transfer performs as powerful computer to iPhone transfer which allows you to backup videos/songs from your PC to iPhone directly without connecting iTunes.​
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    1. Backup videos\songs as computer to iPhone Transfer.
    2. Transfer iPhone files to PC smoothly With this iPhone Transfer, you can turn your iPhone as a portable hard disk by which you can transfer video, music and playlist from your iPhone to PC.
    3. Transfer iPhone video/music to iTunes.
    4. Manage your iPhone playlist in an easy way.
    5. Organize your entire iPhone digital collection for your convenience.
    6. Support quick search of music and video file.
    7. Transfer videos/songs between iPod Touch and PC freely, this iPhone Transfer also helps you transfer videos/songs from iPod Touch to PC.
    8. Easy to use, with easy-to-use interface, you will easily transfer iPhone content to PC\iTunes with only a few clicks , whether you are a fresh hand or a veteran.
    9. Auto update and free technical support, daniusoft iPhone Transfer can automatically check for update for your convenience to ensure you always get the latest version of our program.​
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