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    M1, the all new launcher from MMMOOO, running with Android UI shell on Symbian phones. It's the first & best Android UI shell in Symbian apps.
    * Fullly emulates Android UI
    * Quick launcher to S60 Nokia Samsung apps
    * Weather Widget
    * Call & SMS notifier (for S60 5th only)
    * Add, Rearrange & Delete every icons on the home screen for S60 5th models; Add & Delete every icons on the home screen for S60 3rd models
    * Support touch screen
    * Key lock
    * Registration module inside: Ensure M1 owner enjoy dedicated MMMOOO Premium Service with distinguish & guarantee.
    Changelog: V1.1
    - Added SMS notifier and world wide weather inside.
    TRICK 1:
    - First download and install SIGNED RETAIL version 1.00.
    - After install, open the application once and close it.
    - Then install v1.1 ovewriting v1.0
    - Done. Enjoy the full retail version v1.1
    TRICK 2: (Without Overwriting)
    - Sign and Install v1.1 from below
    - Run x-plore
    - Then Run M1 appliction from Application folder , select trial and then exit from M1 .
    - Finally open x-plore and go to C: Private/AF101004/EB62125B59B4D4502A
    In this folder, there will be only one file, change its attributes to read only .
    [i.e file 4CD11BFC07C2B3FDA63D7 set as read only ]
    - Done. Enjoy unlimited trial.


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