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    www.bb-box.net/index-showReg-138-load-module_news.php.htm"]BB-Box v1.2.3 Update, 154 models added

    Hi to all,
    This is the latest Update for BB-Box customers :

    BB-Box Update v1.2.3
    BB-Sat Update v1.3.3

    Alcatel Amsterdam
    Alcatel OT-090
    Alcatel OT-103
    Alcatel OT-104
    Alcatel OT-105
    Alcatel OT-106
    Alcatel OT-108
    Alcatel OT-109
    Alcatel OT-112
    Alcatel OT-113
    Alcatel OT-140
    Alcatel OT-150
    Alcatel OT-203
    Alcatel OT-203E
    Alcatel OT-204
    Alcatel OT-205
    Alcatel OT-206
    Alcatel OT-208
    Alcatel OT-209
    Alcatel OT-213
    Alcatel OT-216
    Alcatel OT-222
    Alcatel OT-223
    Alcatel OT-250
    Alcatel OT-252
    Alcatel OT-255
    Alcatel OT-255D
    Alcatel OT-280
    Alcatel OT-300
    Alcatel OT-303
    Alcatel OT-304
    Alcatel OT-305
    Alcatel OT-306
    Alcatel OT-315
    Alcatel OT-315M
    Alcatel OT-352
    Alcatel OT-355
    Alcatel OT-355D
    Alcatel OT-356
    Alcatel OT-360
    Alcatel OT-361
    Alcatel OT-362
    Alcatel OT-363
    Alcatel OT-380
    Alcatel OT-383
    Alcatel OT-455
    Alcatel OT-505
    Alcatel OT-505K
    Alcatel OT-506
    Alcatel OT-508
    Alcatel OT-540
    Alcatel OT-543
    Alcatel OT-556
    Alcatel OT-557
    Alcatel OT-565
    Alcatel OT-565K
    Alcatel OT-565_Old
    Alcatel OT-600
    Alcatel OT-602
    Alcatel OT-606
    Alcatel OT-660
    Alcatel OT-665
    Alcatel OT-706
    Alcatel OT-708
    Alcatel OT-710
    Alcatel OT-710D
    Alcatel OT-756
    Alcatel OT-757
    Alcatel OT-799
    Alcatel OT-800
    Alcatel OT-802
    Alcatel OT-802Y
    Alcatel OT-803
    Alcatel OT-806
    Alcatel OT-807
    Alcatel OT-808
    Alcatel OT-880
    Alcatel OT-980
    Alcatel OT-981
    Alcatel OT-B331
    Alcatel OT-C551
    Alcatel OT-C552
    Alcatel OT-C651
    Alcatel OT-C652
    Alcatel OT-C700
    Alcatel OT-C701
    Alcatel OT-C707
    Alcatel OT-C717
    Alcatel OT-C750
    Alcatel OT-C820
    Alcatel OT-C825
    Alcatel OT-Crystal
    Alcatel OT-E221
    Alcatel OT-Elle_N3
    Alcatel OT-F115
    Alcatel OT-F121
    Alcatel OT-F122
    Alcatel OT-F331
    Alcatel OT-F344
    Alcatel OT-Friends
    Alcatel OT-i606
    Alcatel OT-i650
    Alcatel OT-i802
    Alcatel OT-i880
    Alcatel OT-Magic
    Alcatel Mandarina Duck MD-01
    Alcatel Mandarina Duck MD-02
    Alcatel OT-Q3
    Alcatel OT-S210
    Alcatel OT-S215
    Alcatel OT-S218
    Alcatel OT-S319
    Alcatel OT-S320
    Alcatel OT-S321
    Alcatel OT-S520
    Alcatel OT-S521
    Alcatel OT-S621
    Alcatel OT-S626
    Alcatel OT-S853
    Alcatel OT-S860
    Alcatel OT-S920
    Alcatel OT-Test
    Alcatel OT-V555
    Alcatel OT-V570
    Alcatel OT-V607
    Alcatel OT-V670
    Alcatel OT-V770
    Alcatel Playboy
    Flip E-100
    Lobster S621
    Miss Sixty
    Motorola Wx180
    Motorola Wx181
    Motorola Wx280
    Motorola Wx288
    Motorola Wx295
    Motorola Wx390
    Motorola Wx395
    TCL M-298
    Virgin Mobile VM-202
    Virgin Mobile VM-363
    Virgin Mobile VM-621i
    Virgin Mobile VM-800
    Vodafone 150
    Vodafone 250
    Vodafone 252
    Vodafone 331
    Vodafone 345
    Vodafone 541
    Vodafone 555

    [+] Read Codes functions (unlock)
    [+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
    [+] ALL providers supported



    [+] Added more HOT new MEPs for users !!
    [+] For sure, all meps supported actually (best and easy BB code reader)
    [+] Process as usual, NOT needs internet connection
    [+] All MEPs supported (248 mep files)

    HTC PHONES (Android and Windows Platform)

    * HTC Sensation
    * HTC Evo 3D

    [+] Flashing function added
    [+] TempRoot function added
    [+] Fixed bug in some HTC Desire versions
    [+] Fixed bug checking license/credits for some HTCs
    [+] Added new TempRoot for some new HTC familys (Pyramid/Shooter)
    [+] Fixed other internal problems

    Thanks in advance for your attention.
    With best regards,

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