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    Camera Pro v2.03.2 Symbian S60v5 S^3 Nokia Mobiles Latest Application​
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    Camera Pro v2.03.2 Symbian S60v5 S^3 Nokia Mobiles Application. Camera Pro offers many useful functions such as macro photography is quite beautiful, casizoom digital image stabilizer, timer, frames (HDI), continuous autofocus, HD video (15,25,30 frames per second). etc. This revised version contains 6 languages English, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Italiano, Türkçe. You select the language to install the light. By default after installation is English. Camera Pro v2.03.2 is very beautiful application with this app you can make your picture more beautiful and colourful.​

    • Digital zoom (11x for the N8)
    • Different types of flash
    • White Balance Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness
    • Picture Control: Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness Shooting support: virtual horizon, compass …
    • Camera Mode: image stabilization, time, timer, continuous shooting macro
    • Processing establishments: the image is stored in the background (to speed up decision)
    • The video mode with different frame rates (15, 25, 30)and more …

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