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    AnyAttach is a tweak that enables you to attach arbitrary files to your emails right from inside MobileMail. It comes with a file and photo/video picker that is accessible via the paper clip button that will be added to the subject bar in the mail compose window.

    Dropbox support is enabled by default.
    It can be disabled using Preferences.app -> AnyAttach

    No icon will be added to your homescreen.
    Options can be configured from the Settings app.


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    v 1.0-9
    * New: photos can be attached as proper attachments instead of being added inline (enabled by default, changable in AnyAttach preferences)
    * New: files are now attached at the bottom of the message by default (changable in AnyAttach settings)
    * added Dutch localization
    * added Finnish localization
    * added Hebrew localization
    * added Hungarian localization
    * added Malay localization
    * added Norwegian localization
    * added Polish localization
    * added Portuguese localization
    * added Swedish localization
    [NOTE] To activate this you must be connected via WiFi or 3G while opening Mail app after installing the package, for your license to be downloaded. If the license doesnt get downloaded at first attempt just close Mail app from background and open it again (sometimes server is just lazy)



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