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    Activator 1.6.2 hỗ trợ iOS5.1

    Activator 1.6.2 Features
    • Centralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS
    • Updated Localization
    What’s New In Activator 1.6.2
    • Support iOS 5.1
    • Add Pause and Play actions
    • Add Headset Connected/Disconnected Events
    • Use much simpler native gestures on iOS5 (should fix numerous gesture-related
    • bugs)
    • Fix delayed headset action crash on iOS5
    • Dismiss notification center when activating first page
    • Make Activate Assistant action dismiss if assistant is already visible
    • Suppress single press home button if assistant or voice controls are visible
    • Add icons to menus
    • Updated localizations
    • Describe menus with the list of their contents
    • Indicate events that don’t have anything assigned by a lighter subtitle text
    • color
    • Show placeholder icon while real icons are loading
    • Fix down/up and up/down volume events actions not resetting the volume
    • Fix crash when assigned menu item is uninstalled (1.6.2 beta 1 regression)
    • Improve settings pane load time
    • Properly reset slide gestures count when event mode changes
    • Abort slide gestures when device is locked/unlocked
    • Make settings commit immediately
    • Support Show Volume Bar on iPad/iOS5
    • Fix unable to add items to menus with a blank name
    • Fix LaunchServices warnings in settings panes
    • Categorize web clips into their own section
    • Update icons
    • Properly handle touches cancelled on statusbar
    • Fix crash on iOS3 when action icon is missing
    • Add requires-no-touch-events info key so that actions can defer receiving
    • events until after touches finish

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