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    According to a recent report coming out of DigiTimes, 150,000 iPhone 5′s are being made in a single day! That is a big number if you compare to other smartphone manufacturers. If this number is correct then the previous report indication 26 million iPhone 5s will be made this year seems true.

    DigiTimes report:
    Production of iPhone 5s at OEM maker Foxconn Electronics has reportedly reached 150,000 units per day, according to industry sources.
    Shipments of iPhone 5 from the supply chain are expected to reach 5-6 million in September and top over 22 million units in the fourth quarter as suppliers will ship less iPhone 4 and CDMA-version iPhones during the final quarter of the year, noted the sources.
    If these numbers are found to be true then this will be the best year for Apple, which will sell an estimated 84 million iPhones.
    Will iPhone 5 be another huge hit like its predecessor iPhone 4?​

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