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X-SIM rev 4.0.0 BOMB Release - iOS6 supported! Worlds First!!!

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    Dear X-SIM users,

    We're proud to announce that X-SIM rev4.0.0 is released.

    What's new:

    1) Full support for T-Mobile Germany iPhone 4S added(FULL AUTO - Plug&Play, iOS6 supported as well) !!!WORLDS FIRST!!!
    * Just insert X-SIM and wait signal comes
    2) 'New Era' algo inside( FULL AUTO - Plug&Play, iOS6 supported as well).

    Supported operators by rev4.0.0:
    1) ChinaTel
    2) Verizon USA
    3) Sprint USA
    4) KDDI Japan
    5) T-Mobile, DE Telecom, Germany
    6) AT&T USA
    * No need enter any IMSI or what so ever. Just plug X-SIM and SIM card into iPhone4S and wait signal comes
    * Soon we will make true Plug&Play SIM adapter for all worlds networks

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