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    Samsung Galaxy S II was released some weeks ago if you got the hands on the Samsung Galaxy S II it will be SIM locked like the iPhone where only official SIM only supports but is its not official SIM you get the problem into it so If you want to SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S II then The combined ingenuity of two users of the XDA forum has resulted in the appearance of the program SGS 2 SIM Unlock Code Finder, an option referred to unlock the mobile phone Samsung S2 Galaxy.


    This program finds the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) GT-I9100 device. Before you continue make sure you have root / superuser Galaxy S II device.

    How To: Use the Sim Unlock Code Finder App:


    Simply install the application, hit the "SIM unlock code" button, wait a few minutes, and it should come up with the code. It can indeed take a while, so plug your phone in the charger before running, and go make yourself a cup of coffee.

    Write down the code, turn off your device, insert a SIM that doesn't match your SIM lock, turn the device on again, and enter the code when the device asks for it.

    If the code does not work, do NOT try it again. You might end up with a freeze. The app can also find the unfreeze code, but if the SIM unlock code was wrong in the first place, maybe so is the unfreeze code.


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