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    Supported Modeles:
    LG KS 20 free unlock
    LG Corona Unlock
    1.Install drivers (LGCoronaUSBDriver.rar).....
    2.Look instruction (instruction connect.jpeg) or here write
    enter code 2676625720# on Dialer

    menu will show, press
    Port Setting → 1. Diag Setting → 1. USB Set for Diag → “OK” → “Back”.
    (Port Setting → 1. Diag Setting →) 2. USB Switching → “LG Composite -DUN, DIAG”.

    press "Done" and reset your device. (switch off the phone with the right button press 3 sec
    and turn it off (soft reset))

    3.Connect phone.
    4.Run the program(ks20 code reader.exe)
    5 - code UNLOCK will appear at the end of the MSDOS window
    make a copy of the line UNLOCK CODE :
    2945#*20# >>> xxxxxxxxxxxxx <<<<>

    P.S : For Vista users need to run the program with Administrative Rights.
    P.S : if Unlock code not work Make A Factory Reset In The First Menu To Start Unlock Process
    P.S : if MS Dos closing after getting info try this step
    1- install Microsoft Active Sync 4.5
    2- repeat instruction 2 and select on USB Switching
    Microsoft USBEn reset your phone
    3- copy WinDiag_Open.cab to \My Documents in Mobile Device in My computer
    install it from phone using file explorer
    after that repeat instruction 2 and select LG Composite -DUN, DIAG
    now the code reder will work fine tested by me
    if still not work try to plug phone in new USB port

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