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    Download Link : <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>


    Main component versions in the release:

    • DK2 Driver Version
    • Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version 2011.48
    • Flash Update Package 2011.40.000
    • FLS-x Drivers Version 2.09.28
    • FUSE Connection Manager v 2011.43.1


    New Products added
    • RM-806, RM-813, RM-839

    New features
    • New version of FUSE connection Manager
    • New version of Flash Update Package
    • New version of Product API
    • New version of Connectivity Cable Driver

    Error Corrections & changes

    • Improvements to flash components, reducing the flashing time for USB Only concept devices (Genius Case#183882: Phoenix: N8 – unusual phone behaviour during flashing)

    Supported operating systems and user rights

    • Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher
    • When installing Phoenix into Win XP you must have local admin rights.
    • When using in Win XP, user must have power user rights.
    • Windows 7 32 Bit version
    • Windows 7 64 Bit version (Please note that FLS-5 drivers do not support Win 7 64 bit OS, therefore FLS-5 can not be used in this operating system)

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    Các chủ đề tương tự - Diễn đàn Ngày
    Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.001.49220 Cr@cked (2013.02.18) Phần mềm máy tính/USB Drivers 20/2/13
    Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.000.49146 Cr@cked Phần mềm máy tính/USB Drivers 16/1/13
    Phoenix Service Software 2012.36.001.48629 Cr@cked Phần mềm máy tính/USB Drivers 4/10/12
    New Phoenix Service Software 2012.24.000.48366 Cr@cked Phần mềm máy tính/USB Drivers 11/7/12
    Phoenix Service Software 2012.16.4.48159 Phần mềm máy tính/USB Drivers 12/5/12

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