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    iOS 11.4 Update Released, Download Now for iPhone and iPad
    Manual You Can Update your IOS 11.4 Without PC.

    1,Turn on the Device

    2,Start at your Home screen

    3,Tap Settings connect your iPhone with Wi-Fi

    4, Your Battery will be more then 50%

    5, Tap Settings > General > Software Update.

    6, and then you find "download and instal 306.5MB)

    7,click on "download and install"

    8, you find "Terms and Conditions" click on Agree > Downloading will be start

    9,downloading will be complete in few minutes

    10,your device will restart

    11,software will install wait few minutes and you get your device ready

    Note , if icloud is ON in your device so you must have password


    iOS 11.4 IPSW Download Link

    Don't forget press Thanks button
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