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Danh sách các tính năng mới của iOS 5

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    Theo số liệu của iEatApples, có tổng cộng hơn 154 tính năng mới được phát triển cho iOS 5.

    Sau đây là 20 tính năng mới đầu tiên:

    1. Updated Lockscreen
    2. New Welcome Screen when you start using the phone for first time.
    3. PC Free Activation.
    4. Notifications Center
    5. Quick Camera launch from Lockscreen
    6. Stocks and weather built into Notifications Center
    7. iPod app is renamed to Music with new icon.
    8. New Videos.app
    9. iMessage
    10. SMS bubbles are green in color and iMessage appears baby blue.
    11. Newsstand for Magazines and Newspapers
    12. Ability to Create and Delete Photo albums.
    13. System wide Twitter Integration.
    14. New Twitter keyboard with # and @ buttons.
    15. Ability to edit photos
    16. Grid System in Camera
    17. New rounded buttons
    18. Notification Center has ability to sort notifications by "Manually" or By Time.
    19. You can choose what applications to be included in Notifications Center
    20. Ability to rename your device within the settings.

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